Measuring Success: The Value of Evaluation

Published November 4, 2019

By Dr. Wayne Parker Of Counsel at The Phoenix Philanthropy Group. Tracking success is at the core of creating a culture of evaluation within a nonprofit organization, where program decisions are made based on facts rather than impressions or hopes. When a philanthropic foundation reviews the performance of its investment portfolio, they look at their […]

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Phoenix Philanthropy Group

Communicate the Transformative Impact with Social Return on Investment

Published December 12, 2018

By Richard Tollefson, Founder and President, & Michal Tyra, Director of Client and Community Engagement, The Phoenix Philanthropy Group For nonprofits, communicating impact and value is crucial. While most businesses answer to a select group of owners, investors and shareholders, nonprofits must justify their existence and performance to a wide range of stakeholders. Donors, program […]

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