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Giving USA Annual Report on Philanthropy

The nation’s longest running, most comprehensive report on philanthropy, The Annual Report on Philanthropy, is a 350+ page report with chapters that provide in-depth analysis of findings on total charitable giving, giving by sources, and giving to major recipient categories. In addition, each chapter provides strategic insights into the latest giving trends and facts.

Special Reports

Every year, Giving USA releases special reports on key topics in the sector to which you will have free access as a Giving USA subscriber. Previous Special Reports that have been published include research on topics like Donor Advised Funds, Legacy Giving, and Workplace Giving. In addition, Giving USA releases an Annual State Laws Report. These special reports provide you access to a deep dive into the data of emerging challenges and trends affecting philanthropy and fundraising.

Giving USA Data Tableau Visualization

Giving USA and joined forces to create the Giving USA Data Tableau Visualization of the full giving history in the USA from 1980-2020. This interactive visualization grants nonprofit fundraisers access to leverage sector-wide macro data to compare and model the giving trends that drive decision making and forecasting at organizations.

Subscriber Only Webinars

The Giving USA Foundation and its parent organization, The Giving Institute, host a number of webinars throughout the year exclusively for member firms and Giving USA Annual Report Subscribers. Through these webinars, including the annual subscriber-only webinar that unpacks that year’s Giving USA Report, subscribers get access to exclusive education and knowledge influencing the philanthropic sector today.

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What Fundraising Professionals Are Saying

Susan Ingmire

“I often talk about the Giving USA Executive Summary information with family foundation and nonprofit boards. The data is invaluable in building knowledge and deconstructing myths about giving. It’s an essential part of my toolkit for building a culture of philanthropy.”

Susan Ingmire, President
Ignite Philanthropy Advisors

Amy Comer

“Giving USA is critical resource in tracking trends in the sector, in particular because of the long-term view it provides. In addition to giving us a rich view both of fluctuations in giving sources and distribution patterns, it also provides an estimate for giving to religious organizations. This is important because it can often be a blind spot in research because these organizations aren’t required to file an annual financial report with the IRS.”

Amy Comer, Director
Customer & Market Insights, Blackbaud, Inc.

Heidi Jark

“I look forward to the Giving USA report every year to better help me work with not for profit organizations and our private foundation clients. The data helps me to better understand the philanthropic world around me and, many times, confirms what I see on a day to day basis. We can better serve our clients when we have research data. It helps us to better explain and structure gifts to meet both the needs of our individual clients and the missions they wish to advance.”

Heidi B. Jark, Managing Director & Vice President
The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank

Eileen Heisman

“Giving USA is the main source for our industry’s most reliable charitable giving information. They identify trends, provide great data and embrace the spirit for how Americans engage in making the world a better place. Every philanthropic professional I know uses the data and quotes it regularly. I eagerly await to see what their findings will report every June. On behalf of the working professionals I express my gratitude to them for their scientific and disciplined approach to their work.”

Eileen Heisman, CEO
National Philanthropic Trust

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