Successful Grant Seeking Starts with a Strategic Plan

Published May 20, 2024

By Dana Textoris, CEO, Grants Plus As the nonprofit sector reels from new data showing that giving from individuals is in decline, the bright side is that giving from foundations continues to rise. Consider: According to Giving USA Foundation, foundation giving has steadily grown over the last dozen years. According to‘s 2023 State of […]

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Building a Resilient Nonprofit: The Impact of Recurring Donors Explained

Published May 13, 2024

By Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand at Neon One In 2023, giving to nonprofits was down—and it wasn’t a one-year blip. So that’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: Recurring donors are bucking these negative trends. Not only are committed, regular givers holding strong in the face of industry-wide declines in giving, but […]

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Navigating the AI Metropolis: Empowering Nonprofit Fundraising Through Data-Driven Strategies

Published May 6, 2024

By Alexander Oftelie, Senior Vice President, Decision Science, BWF     By Reed Tyler, Associate Managing Vice President, Business Intelligence, BWF     The power of AI in fundraising is being harnessed further, accelerating the progress of our organizations and the causes we hold dear. Looking ahead and to ensure fundraising’s future is hopeful, good […]

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A First Time for Everything: How to Recruit for an Inaugural Role

Published April 30, 2024

By Faith Montgomery, Vice President and Managing Director, Lindauer With contributions by Paula Fazli, Maureen Huminik, Chandra Montgomery, and Carmel Napolitano Hiring for a newly created role in your organization? Expanding your existing team? Learn how to prepare in advance and set yourself up for a successful search. Recruitment is always a complex task, requiring […]

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The Board’s Role in Strategic Planning

Published April 23, 2024

By Kaitlyn Kendall-Sperry, Senior Consultant, Benefactor Group Strategic planning—an essential activity for any nonprofit—is an opportunity to step back from everyday work and thoughtfully review: Where are we today? Where do we aspire to go? How will we get there? Done well, a strategic plan provides a flexible roadmap: one that moves you in the […]

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Retaining Your Gift Officers: Crash Course & 5 Strategies

Published April 15, 2024

By Jen Herrmann, Vice President, Graham-Pelton The labor market and economy have been turbulent in recent years for nonprofits, to say the least. Following the Great Resignation, employment data and overarching recession fears have sent mixed signals across the nonprofit sector. Employee retention has always been important, but today’s erratic job market has underscored its […]

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Thinking Ahead: Embracing Innovation in Generosity

Published April 10, 2024

By Ted Grossnickle, Senior Consultant and Founder, Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates This month, JGA celebrates our 30th anniversary, which has us both reflective regarding where we’ve been and more importantly visualizing where we are headed in the future. It’s abundantly clear to all of us that the ways in which people are generous is undergoing […]

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Five Top Headwind Trends of Higher Education Fundraising in 2024

Published April 1, 2024

By Bonnie Devlin, Managing Principal & Co-owner, Washburn & McGoldrick, LLC       By Carla Willis, Managing Principal, Washburn & McGoldrick, LLC       As we provide counsel to our clients, we delight in hearing the details of the campaign gifts they are closing, the steady growth of innovative engagement efforts, and the […]

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Courageous, Safe, and Necessary Conversations: Advancing Inclusive Philanthropy

Published March 26, 2024

By Marts&Lundy Reflecting on recent achievements in the burgeoning realm of inclusive philanthropy, Marts&Lundy Consulting Partner Maia McGill sees tremendous potential for growth in the field … and reminds philanthropy professionals to practice that most basic of fundraising skills: listening. To have a conversation Maia McGill, Marts&Lundy Consulting Partner and notable authority on Inclusive Philanthropy, is […]

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