About the Generosity Commission

The Generosity Commission is a nonpartisan group of leaders from across the charitable sector committed to celebrating and supporting Americans’ spirit of generosity as expressed through everyday giving, volunteering, and other forms of civic engagement. Launched in October 2021, it is an independent project of Giving USA Foundation™, whose mission is to advance research, education, and public understanding of philanthropy.

Through research and conversations online and in person, the Generosity Commission will contribute to national understanding about how individual givers and volunteers are reimagining generosity in powerful and positive ways, strengthening our society and democracy in the process.

The Generosity Commission will conclude its work in Fall 2023 with recommendations based on its findings. These recommendations will focus on ways that the business, nonprofit, and policy sectors can support and enable everyday giving and volunteering. Ultimately, the Generosity Commission seeks to foster a culture of individual and collective generosity in the face of the social and economic challenges our society faces today.

For more information, visit www.thegenerositycommission.org.