CCS’s annual Philanthropy Pulse report provides nonprofits with helpful data to navigate the ever-evolving philanthropic space.

The 2023 CCS Philanthropy Pulse report provides a window into the fundraising practices of nearly 1,200 organizations across nonprofit sectors based on data collected in late 2022. Key findings include:

  • Organizations across the board experienced fundraising revenue growth in FY21, regardless of their size or budget.
  • Although 62% of organizations saw an increase in donors in FY21, donor retention remained a top challenge, with only 36% of organizations reporting new donor retention.
  • Organizations that invested in hiring and retaining staff exhibited more fundraising revenue growth in FY21.
  • DEI continues to be a driving fundraising strategy focus, as organizations that invested in DEI saw greater growth than those that did not.

Check out both our main report and sector-specific spotlights for Arts & Culture, Health, Higher Education, Human Services, Primary & Secondary Schools, and Faith below.


As the premier global leader in nonprofit strategic consulting, CCS is committed to understanding how nonprofits are navigating the ever-evolving philanthropic landscape and how organizations can best position themselves for fundraising success.

It is CCS’s hope that this report provides nonprofit leaders and fundraisers with helpful data to navigate the year ahead.

Written by: CCS Fundraising