By Danielle Rice, Chief Technology Officer, Dunham+Company

When someone says they do “digital”, a variety of things may come to mind – anything from social media content creation to website development to sending emails and texts. These channels are so common in marketing strategies these days that marketing professionals must find a way to integrate them or become irrelevant, leaving people with the impression that there is no such thing as digital marketing. It’s all just marketing now. This is certainly true but doesn’t tell the full story. It’s like saying NASCAR racing is just driving. Yes, and also very much no.

Advances in AI will shift organizational structures to further blend data and digital. With more effort required to find and capture attention, the new digital strategist must play an integrated role in navigating data strategies. We all must. But especially those operating in the wide variety of communication channels the internet has to offer and because of how frequent platform changes and advances in technology impact effective conversion.

In the constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing, the emergence of the ‘Digital Scientist’ marks a significant shift in organizational dynamics. This new breed of strategist is at the forefront of blending data and digital realms, responding to the increasing complexity of capturing attention, and optimizing for platform shifts.

As advancements in AI revolutionize our approach to data, the role of digital marketers is no longer confined to previous boundaries. It now demands a deep integration with the nuances of data collection, transformation, and activation strategies. The Digital Scientist is not only a creative thinker, but must also be able to navigate through the myriad of communication channels available online with precision.

This role has become crucial due to the rapid and critical changes in technology that directly impact effective conversion. As the digital landscape morphs, so do the strategies needed to engage and convert audiences. The Digital Scientist excels in this arena, utilizing a blend of data analysis, technological prowess, and omni-channel strategic thinking to motivate the audience.

Their expertise lies in understanding not just the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ behind data trends, enabling organizations to make informed decisions that resonate with the audience. With their finger on the pulse of technological advancements, they can anticipate shifts and adapt tactics accordingly, ensuring that implementation is not just effective, but in alignment with the brand strategy of the organization.

The rise of the Digital Scientist symbolizes a pivotal transition in the digital era. As we navigate through an increasingly complex web of data and digital channels, their role on the marketing team becomes indispensable in optimizing the best investments of time and money.

While not everyone is skilled to do more than the bare minimum best practices of digital marketing, everyone should be engaged in collaborating with the analysts and scientists who offer critical insight on how to maximize the flurry of micro-decisions that impact the user’s experience.

As norms continue to evolve, Dunham+Company is committed to being on the forefront of embracing the best ways to serve our clients and maximize impact.