Building Hyper-Philanthropy™: An Equitable Approach to Lasting Philanthropic Change

Published October 5, 2022

Bharat Krishnan, Director of Client Success, The Hodge Group The Hodge Group practices in our industry using our trade-marked methodology, Hyper-Philanthropy™. We developed this methodology from our observations, experience and practice working with our clients. Essentially, Hyper-Philanthropy™ is about taking advantage of resources within your organization and your community at-large to foster an environment where […]

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Strategic Planning and Your New Normal

Published September 27, 2022

Angela E. White, CFRE, Senior Consultant and CEO, Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates Whether you are in the middle of your strategic plan, concluding a plan, or need to start one, you may want to consider how you can envision and plan for your new normal. How has your outlook changed in the past year? We […]

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How to Handle Conflicts of Interest With Board Members

Published September 21, 2022

By Sarah Marino, Vice President, Fundraising at Campbell & Company By Meredith Richard, Associate Consultant, Fundraising at Campbell & Company An active board member often has numerous professional and personal affiliations and, undoubtedly, some of them cross paths with your organization. Finding board members with no conflicts of interest at all is unlikely. They might […]

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Turbulent Times: CEOs Focus on 10 Key Questions

Published September 12, 2022

By Michael Tomlinson, CEO and President of BDI I recently had the opportunity to join a select group of chief leaders representing a broad swath of industries who were providing winning products and services both in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. The concept behind this CEO Consortium was to determine if there were commonalities among […]

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Launching a Grateful Patient Program: 6 Fundamental Steps

Published August 19, 2022

By Jen Herrmann, Vice President of Graham-Pelton Development is an integral part of the long-term success of any nonprofit organization. Identifying top prospects who feel a connection to your work, deepening your relationships with those individuals, and asking them to have an outsized impact on your mission is what can take your operations to the next […]

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5 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategies to Amp Up Your Fall Events

Published August 12, 2022

By Erin King, Digital Marketing Manager at DonorDrive By Kay Todd, Product Marketing Manager at DonorDrive Over the next 20 years, it’s estimated between $30 and $70 trillion will be transferred from baby boomers to their heirs. Some experts forecast these shifts in wealth will reach as high as $84 trillion with $11.9 trillion in philanthropic giving. Even […]

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Combat the Effects of High Inflation on Donors’ 2022 Giving

Published August 5, 2022

By Dave Smith, CEO & Founder of Heaton Smith Group After low inflation for more than three decades, many Americans are learning for the first time the pernicious effects of high inflation on their everyday lives. Leading many news stories is the record price to fill up our cars and the ripple effects of high fuel […]

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Josh Birkholz Named 2022-2024 Chair of Giving USA Foundation

Published August 1, 2022

Josh Birkholz, CEO of BWF, has been named Chair of Giving USA Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by The Giving Institute to advance research, education, and public understanding of philanthropy. He was officially inducted on July 20 and will serve in his role through July 31, 2024. Giving USA Foundation shares data and trends about […]

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Legislative Roundup – Key Legislation Before Congress Impacting the Nonprofit Sector

Published July 22, 2022

By Sally Ehrenfried, Senior Principal, Government Relations at Blackbaud   For those of you who know me, you know that I’m passionate about the nonprofit sector and its participation in policy conversations. Legislation at the federal, state, and local level can often impact how nonprofit organizations and foundations operate, how they assist their communities, and how government […]

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